Jacob Alford


I'm currently attending New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, or colloquially, New Mexico Tech. I'm majoring in mathematics and minoring in physics. My primary focus is computer science, and in particular: machine learning. I will graduate in the Spring of 2020 with a bachelor's degree in mathematics.

I'm a professional photographer and can take professional-grade portraits; but I can also make videos, websites, and graphics.

I've worked at a car dealership, Tates Auto Center for many years while at community college, both in direct sales and internet sales. Additionally, I supported our web team by keeping the inventory updated with stunning and documentative photos for prospective buyers.

I currently write in my blog of the many nuances of empiricst philosophy.


This is probably the easiest way to contact me, as I can't put my email on the website due to spam perpensity. Go!


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