General Information

This project endeavors to describe the moisture content of soil remotely with drone technology. By combining thermal, rgb, and near infared captures with the SEBAL algorithm this program calculates the relative subsurface water content of a captured area.

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RGB Input Image

Spectrum Band Image Channel
Red Red
Blue Blue
Green Green

Composite Input Image

Spectrum Band Image Channel
Red Red
Thermal Blue
Near Infared Green

(Rn) Net Radiation

Net Radiation is difference between incoming solar radiation and outgoing solar radiation; and accounts for various other factors like surface emissivity.

(G) Soil Flux

Soil Flux represents the relative energy lost to the soil.


(T) Thermal Band

The is the thermal image extracted from the composite image.

(H) Sensible Heat Flux

Sensible Heat Flux is remaining energy after other variables have been accounted for.


(S) Soil Saturation

Soil saturation is the calculated moisture content of the soil from zero to root-depth.