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[Ch. 0] A Shadow at Dawn - The Duncan Strauss Mysteries

by Jacob Alford | May 13, 2019

"It's a terrible business I'm afraid," he said standing. "But I'm not sure you've much to say." The victim groaned. "There's not a terrible lot you've done to earn this, you could say you've won a lottery - of sorts. I'm sure you want to speak, for I'm the last you'll ever see. But I'm just not very interested in anything you have to say. It's nothing personal. Even with all of the technology I can possibly want, there's nothing as elegant as a simple gag; oh the silence, the magnificent silence."

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[Ch. 1] Duncan Strauss - The Duncan Strauss Mysteries

by Jacob Alford | May 14, 2019

"When I'm examining a crime scene," Duncan exuberated, "I like to soak in every detail. Anything that is out of the ordinary, every contradiction, every nuance a clue!" Little Danny, a boy of six, sat eagerly listening to his uncle. It was the first time his uncle had been to visit in nearly a month. "But you see Danny, it only matters what you can detect; people say things - a lot of things. But it's the detective's duty to determine the truth! Oh Danny, nothing matters but the truth! Take nothing for granted. Trust your gut. Trust what you see!"

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[Ch. 2] A Birch Abandon - The Duncan Strauss Mysteries

by Jacob Alford | May 18, 2019

The train hit a bump and Duncan was jolted awake. He glanced around. "A train?" he thought. The last train to be used, as he recalled, was before - and during - the war. The war was perhaps the most bittersweet moment in human history. Human suffering, at least a vast majority of it, ended alongside the conflict, and alongside an estimated 4.6 billion human lives. Though Duncan had forgotten most of it, like most of history class, that number - 4.6 - he had never forgotten.

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[Ch. 3] Before the Storm - The Duncan Strauss Mysteries

by Jacob Alford | June 8, 2019

Duncan pulled into a parking space further from the building than he would have liked, the parking spaces near the building were reserved solely for electric vehicles. It was an intern's idea to bolster revenue - and they found that the idea worked. Beyer Dynamic partnered with the "Anther Alliance" shortly afterwards, and their statisticians discerned that the revenue for items labeled as belonging to the "Anther Alliance" had the same sales volume as did other products without the label. Interestingly, the additional revenue came indirectly - other companies copied Beyer, and customers took notice. It was prospective customers choosing electric vehicles more often for the convenience of parking closer that drove Beyer's additional revenue.

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I create a brand new betting strategy as a final project!

SEBAL Drone Process

The SEBAL Algorithm estimates the amount of water in soil using images! For my friend's master's thesis, we adapted it to drones.


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RPN stands for reverse polish notation, where you click a button and the numbers get put in the sky. And then you add the numbers there.

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